Touchless Flush Kit by Kohler

Kohler_Touchless_Kit2 Kohler_Touchless_Kit

Easy to install, Touchless Flush Kit provides homeowners a hands-free flushing experience.

Tech-lovers, do-it-yourselfers and germ conscious moms alike can all get excited about the new and easy to use Touchless Flush Kit technology from Kohler.  For years we’ve enjoyed the hands free, germ free experience of commercial restrooms with their motion activated toilets, faucets and driers. Now this same ease of use and minimal spreading of germs has finally expanded to the one place homeowners fear the most…the toilet.

The Touchless Flush Kit retails for less than $100 and can be installed in most single-flush toilets in minutes. A sensor module mounts underneath your toilet’s existing tank lid and runs on four AA batteries. Unlike a beam-based sensor, the Kohler Touchless Flush Kit, “utilizes emerging sensing technology, which projects an electromagnetic field that is both extremely accurate and reliable. This type of sensor detects the user in the projected field and initiates the flush.”

The existing tank chain is attached to an arm on the Touchless module which acts as the flush actuator and replaces the need for your traditional lever all together. The kit includes colored stickers to cover up the hole your old, germy lever leaves behind by removing it; as well as a flush emblem you place on top of the tank to indicate to house guests where and how to use the flush mechanism.

Along with the introduction of the Touchless Flush Kit, Kohler also introduced touchless toilets to their collection. The Cimarron Touchless Toilets both eliminate the flush lever completely and utilize the wave-of-the hand flushing technology.  

For more information on Kohler’s Touchless Flush Kit or any of your home’s bathroom needs contact a knowledgeable sales person at Hughes Kitchen and Bath today.