Kitchen Sinks: Cast Iron vs. Fireclay

Kitchen Sinks

Cast Iron vs. Fireclay

One of the most asked consumer questions when looking at purchasing a new kitchen sink is cast iron or fireclay?

In order to answer the question you must know the difference between the two and the pros and cons of each.

Cast Iron

Easily one of the oldest materials used for kitchen sinks, cast iron is made from…well casting iron. The iron is heated until it liquefies and is then poured into a mold and cooled. Bare iron is prone to rusting and so the mold will receive a heavy porcelain enamel finish that is also heated to fuse with the metal.


–          Easy to clean

–          Shows less water spots

–          Good resistance to light, fading and staining

–          Available in a variety of colors


–          Do not use abrasive cleaners

–          Due to the weight, additional undermounting may be required

–          If the enamel does chip to the iron, the chip is more noticeable since the color is not true the entire way through. Also, the exposed iron can rust.


Kohler  Whitehaven Cast Iron Sink Retail:$1,099.00


As the name implies, fireclay is made by molding clay into the desired shape and allowing it to dry. Then a porcelain enamel is applied and the sink is placed in a kiln at an extremely high temperature (like 2000°F) for a period up to 20 hours. The enamel and clay are now fused thus increasing the strength of both.


–          Easy to clean; can use abrasive cleaners

–          Can withstand heavy use.

–          Resistant to scratching, staining, chipping, fading and discoloring

–          Will not rust


–          More expensive than cast iron

–          One color


Rohl Shaws Original Fireclay Sink Retail: $1,655.00

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, for the consumer neither option is a bad option.

Both offer durability and design and will fit into any home’s décor.

If quality is your main concern; neither is the wrong answer.

For more information or to see a variety of Cast Iron and Fireclay sinks,

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*NOTE: both sink materials are available in styles other than “Farmhouse”. Farmhouse shown for comparison only*